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Soul Awareness Healing with Pat Barone,
Gifted Healer, Coach and Spiritual Adviser

Energy Medicine for the Body, Mind, Heart & Soul




You can heal… and lead a life of awareness… full of pleasure, ease, meaning, connection and abundance.

If you can’t feel your energetic field or are prevented from living from your soul, Soul Awareness Healing can open up a whole new world of connection to Self.

If you have experienced some relief from psychotherapy, or other healing modalities, but also see yourself drifting back into negative behaviors, that is a prime example of the internal soul-level energy at work. Until the deeper energy is released, the behavior will continue. It’s a good sign you are ready for Soul Awareness Healing.

This healing practice is systematic, gentle and loving. It heals at the deepest level possible, clearing the way for you to live a soul-driven life, living authentically and happily, without bounds. It works through the chakras, which connect the physical body to the energy body and circulate the life force throughout the body – to brain, organs, glands, and all health regulating systems. When the life force is diminished through wounds, stress or trauma, disease and disharmony occurs.

In short, the root of all suffering, disconnection, disease can be found in the energy field, so it is there the healing must occur.

This powerful approach is Energy Medicine – and, although your soul healing journey takes place in non-ordinary reality, it will have a profound impact on every aspect of everyday life. It drives change, growth, esteem and purpose.

Although no two healing sessions are alike, clients report feeling less burdened by challenging issues, like they have more emotional space to breathe and relax. They feel less reactive to situations that would normally trigger a strong emotional response. They find it easier to choose new actions, options and opportunities in life. Many experience what they call “miracles” – a spontaneous change that frees them of a past affliction or mindset which was affecting them negatively.

Soul Awareness Healing is perfect for anyone wanting to heal any aspect of their lives and for those who want to move to the next step in their personal journey of growth and awakening.

It’s particularly helpful (and often necessary) for those experiencing kundalini awakening symptoms.

It supports the expansion of spiritual awareness, the healing of multi-lifetime karmic patterns, and helps you build conscious connections with your spirit guides, develop loving soulmate relationships, and achieve personal and professional goals that are in alignment with your True Self and your soul’s path.

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How the Soul Heals

How the Soul Heals Everything is healed at soul level. And, although we may be pursuing brilliant careers, or focused on building relationships, or learning about ourselves, or utterly confused about life, we are ultimately here on earth to HEAL. Soul Awareness Healing occurs on the Soul level, but has profound impact on the physical, …

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Soul Healing Testimonials   A relationship was something for other people, due to a sexual assault and some events afterwards that were cruel and dehumanizing. I have healed. I didn’t even know I had a second chakra and everyone in my family said “get over it.” Thanks to you I can actually do that now. …

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About Pat Barone

About Pat Pat Barone has defied all the odds life stacked against her and lived to tell her tale. The child of a southern belle food addict and an American Indian alcoholic, she often felt addiction was the only possible way to live. Much of her life was spent watching family drama playing out through …

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Soul Awareness Healing – Work with Pat

Work with Pat Clients who benefit most from Soul Awareness Healing sessions are self-aware and interested in expanding that awareness and self-knowledge. They tend to be spiritually conscious people who are familiar with the process of inner work and have a deep commitment to personal growth. They may have a specific area of life that …

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