Soul Healing Testimonials


A relationship was something for other people, due to a sexual assault and some events afterwards that were cruel and dehumanizing. I have healed. I didn’t even know I had a second chakra and everyone in my family said “get over it.” Thanks to you I can actually do that now.

– A.C.

I was riddled with anxiety, and became more agitated with many treatments. At one point, I had taken every medication available with very little results. After working with you for less than a year, I am med-free and feel so much better about every single aspect of my life.

– B.T.

I have been haunted by abuse which occurred to me as a child. I didn’t think it was possible to let it recede into my past. It felt so present in my mind, until recently. Thank you for what you do.

– E.P.

I let myself do nothing today, which felt a little bit strange, but it was nice to not have dark hounds yapping at me that I should be doing something. Everything feels so much lighter!  Yay!  I’ve been so pleased with your work with me that I’ve given your name to a couple other friends as well.

– J.C.

“I’ve rarely felt such a profound sense of myself as I feel in my soul awareness healing sessions with Pat. This healing continues to shift my life with every session, towards a lighter way of being, in every sense of the word.”

– T. Bethlyn

“This is just another one of those “thank you so much for your work with me” letters! I have lost more than 30 lbs since I started working with you, and, as you well know, the most important thing is that I’m living an ever-richer lovely life. I’m feeling luminous these days – like a spring sunrise.”

– Jan McClain

Our last session was a really good experience and I want to continue with soul awareness healing. 

What has become increasingly apparent is my “detachment” to negative people and situations. The same games continue to be played all around me and I have no emotional attachment to them. I’m focused on continuing to take care of my own needs.

I’m thankful I found you on that desperate day of searching for that one true person who had lost weight and KEPT IT OFF!!! Finding you and your support was my last ditch effort at being healthy and happy. 

My life would look much different today if I hadn’t made the choice to spend the money we never seem to have to invest in ourselves. 😉

I’ve had to make some hard choices and decisions, and I’ve cried some tears, but it doesn’t compare to where I was: stuck in a career that I wasn’t happy with, in an emotionally devoid 20+year marriage and not having good health. I was pretty sure I was going to get cancer within a year or two. I was 325 lbs at 5’10”, a size 24 and even that was a stretch. I was buying carpenter jeans at Farm and Fleet with a 44″ waist and they were getting snug. 

I am now 51 yrs old, I love to hike in the woods, go on long bicycle rides, and recently found a form of yoga that is taking my healing to another level. I don’t know how much I weigh and really don’t care to know. I don’t own a scale.

But I do know this:  I am a solid size 16 and falling !!!

If it takes another 5-6 yrs to be a size 12 (my goal) so be it!! As I age, I actually feel younger and look younger each and every year I choose to invest in ME and my health!!!

Thank you Pat for choosing to help others live a more meaningful and fulfilled life!!

-Sherry S.


“It’s been a fabulous experience to work with you. You have opened my mind to think in a different manner. I am still in awe of what I have learned about using my feminine energy – at one point I didn’t even feel like a woman – what a revelation to tune into my sexual energy! To see it was there, blocked, all along. It has changed my experience on every level of my life. Thanks for the opportunity.”

– Emma Hartnett

“I tried many types of healing (reiki, touch, talk therapy, naturapathic doctors, ayurvedic, hypnosis, acupuncture, light therapy) but nothing has given me the relief and the progress as my Soul Awareness sessions with you. I am finally feeling sustained change.”

– Alan Ewes

“I was told by doctors I was infertile. I was facing the decision to spend thousands of dollars on infertility treatment when a friend recommended you. I didn’t even know I had a second chakra, or because of my past (I was sexually assaulted in my teens) I had a block that prevented me from getting pregnant. My husband and I are so grateful I am healthy and, with a lack of chemical or surgical interference, pregnant.”

– T. and B. Aronson

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! What a hard and miserable week… yet it was enlightening! I feel like something inside of me has been awakened… something that has been dormant in my soul. I feel lighter, free… so very strange for me. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I’ve been able to reach out, bare my soul, and find support in you. I’ve been afraid to look so deep inside. Yet, I’m finding so much strength there….”

– Kay T.