How the Soul Heals

How the Soul Heals

soul-heals Everything is healed at soul level. And, although we may be pursuing brilliant careers, or focused on building relationships, or learning about ourselves, or utterly confused about life, we are ultimately here on earth to HEAL.

Soul Awareness Healing occurs on the Soul level, but has profound impact on the physical, mental and emotional areas of life, creating clarity, clearing blocks, soothing and healing past wounds. It helps release negativity, debilitating emotions like fear and anger, and any impediment to a life lived with clear, manifesting power.

Your healer, Pat Barone, also known by the spiritual name Kavita Kaur, has the gift of working in the subtle body’s energy field. It’s this field and the energy within it that create every part of our lives… our manifestations as well as our attraction patterns.

Anything blocking the free flow of energy gets in the way of self-knowledge, self-empowerment and the life-affirming energy called Kundalini. Together with Pat, you will co-create an environment conducive for healing and transformation to occur, and, in Soul Awareness Healing, the client is always held to be creative, resourceful, whole and his/her experience honored.

This is soul work, and does not require hands-on intervention. It is equally effective in person or via distance healing, as the soul knows no boundaries, distance or time.

The client is encouraged to stay with the sensations of their own body, their own experience and their own truth, because it is through this practice of intense internal awareness the healing power of the soul comes forth.

Some people don’t feel the exchange and release of energy during a session, and some do, but everyone becomes more attuned and sensitive to it over time.

Soul Awareness Healing is very different from traditional psychotherapy, which focuses on healing past pain and issues. In contrast, Soul Awareness Healing is a deep psycho-spiritual shamanic practice which may focus on lifetimes of pain, and seeks to align you with your True Self and your destiny.

In other words, in psychotherapy, you may be seen as broken and the focus is on fixing what is broken.

In Soul Awareness Healing, your True Self is never broken, but yearns to fully express itself in the world, expanding your potential and fulfilling your highest destiny.


Some Common Blocks Soul Awareness Healing Addresses:

Many clients have been drawn to work with Pat on issues like these:

  • Feeling stuck.
  • Living in fear.
  • Issues that don’t respond to traditional therapies.
  • Second chakra issues like rape, incest, sexual assault and infertility.
  • Blocked or emerging kundalini energy, which can manifest in headaches, vertigo, and other many other chronic symptoms.
  • Addiction.
  • Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other anxiety.
  • To increase self-awareness and soul awareness.
  • For self-care and self-nurturance.
  • To improve health and cope with illness.
  • Finding fulfillment.
  • Exploring or expanding sexuality.
  • Finding forgiveness and creating peace within.
  • Dealing with stress.
  • Improving or attracting relationships.
  • Clearing unexplained negativity.
  • To know yourself better.

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